• Benaki Museum of Greek Culture Treating your eyes to all the beauty of Greece, from ancient times through to the early 20th century – in a beautiful building, too.
  • Byzantine & Christian Museum Descending into this, well, byzantine series of halls, each one filled with more dazzling gold than the last.
  • Museum of Cycladic Art Seeing human life in the simplest forms, the spare marble figures that residents of the Cyclades carved more than 4000 years ago.
  • Lykavittos Hill Zipping up to the top of the so-called 'Hill of the Wolves' in a funicular and admiring the view of the whole city.
  • (Window) shopping Wandering Kolonaki's shady streets and pausing to admire – and maybe try on, and maybe take home as a precious souvenir – the latest from Greek designers, such as Katerina Ioannidis.