Athens in detail

Where to Stay

PlakaAtmosphere right at your doorstep. Close to Acropolis.A bit loud in summer and definitely tourist central.
SyntagmaLarger rooms than in Plaka, with more amenities, such as noise-proof windows.Big 1970s buildings can be characterless.
Monastiraki & PsyrriConvenient to good nightlife and easy metro access from airport. Nice small streets.Noise from bars, which are open till 4am on weekends, can be an issue.
Acropolis AreaMakrygianni and Koukaki are quieter residential areas.10- to 15-minute walk to the Acropolis.
OmoniaSome good new and renovated hotels.Visible drug use and prostitution at night.
ExarhiaVibrant, with good nightlife and restaurants. Some great bargains.Not many options; significant distance from central sights.
KolonakiCentral Athens' greenest neighbourhood, tree-shaded and sedate. Convenient to museums.Long walk or short metro ride to Plaka. Hotels are a bit expensive for what they offer.
Thisio & PetralonaPleasant modern neighbourhoods. You'll see very few other tourists.Limited hotel options, and 10- to 15-minute walk to Acropolis.
Mets, Pangrati & HiltonGreat quiet neighbourhood with good restaurants.Only one hotel. Access to centre only by bus or tram.
Gazi, Keramikos & MetaxourgioAthens' hipster fringes, with good bars and hidden Chinese restaurants between crumbling, graffiti-covered mansions.Gazi is loud at night. In northern section of Metaxourgio (closer to Omonia), visible drug use and a block of brothels.