Drinking & Nightlife

  • Six d.o.g.s. The epitome of Athens' bar scene: indoor-outdoor, rooms upon rooms.
  • Baba Au Rum This excellent cocktail bar takes umbrella drinks seriously.
  • Clumsies Repeatedly cited for world's best bartenders.
  • Bios In winter, a ground-floor cafe-bar; in summer, add a fantastic rooftop.
  • Alphaville The Keramikos (night)lifestyle in a nutshell.

Local Bars

  • Ippo In the Syntagma bar zone, but with a loyal crew of regulars.
  • Chelsea Hotel Packed with Athens' cool kids all day.
  • Galaxy Bar A gorgeous old vintage space.
  • Nabokov Low-key literati spot on the edge of Exarhia.


  • Taf Coffee Consistently some of the city's best coffee roasters.
  • Tailor Made At most all-day bars, the coffee is secondary; not here.
  • Kaya The busy coffee connoisseur's choice, hidden in an arcade.

Photo Ops

  • Couleur Locale The Acropolis looks close enough to touch at this rooftop bar.
  • Little Kook The view in this case is not the Acropolis, but the wild decor.
  • Yiasemi Look at you, sipping a drink on the most scenic steps in Plaka!
  • Noel Everyone looks photogenic in this beautifully lit bar.

Cafe Life

  • Veneti A newer name on a classic two-storey grand cafe in Omonia.
  • Little Tree Book Cafe Coffee, drinks and snacks with local literati.
  • Spiti Mas Sip your coffee in a mock-up apartment.