2-Day Private Tour: Delphi, Hosios Loukas, Coastline, Gorge, Food Experience

Multi-day & Extended Tours in Athens

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Join this self-guided private tour for up to 7 related people and experience authentic Greece with a full day trip to Delphi, the Unesco Hosios Loukas Monastery, the coastline towns and the Delphi olive grove gorge, with your private driver. A personalized summer or winter tour which also includes what makes Greece unique; hospitality, authenticity and spontaneity.Visit the Delphi site and museum, including the 2nd site of Athina Pronaia that most "tourists" miss out on, and explore the olive grove gorge all the way down to the awesome coastline towns of Galaxidi and Itea.The amazing monastery of Hosios Loukas and the tranquility of its location make this a major part of this tour and a must visit. Let your driver/guide treat you to all the special extras that will make this trip a non touristy experience: special locations on the same route of the trip, lunch with the locals, drinks, coffee, and homemade dessert.
This is a really private tour! Experience "real Greece" and follow the foot steps of your driver/guide to show you hospitality, harmony, warmth, spontaneity and real Greek food.Day 1> Begin the drive towards the northwest area of Athens, where you will arrive at the archaeological site of Delphi in just 2 hours without any unnecessary stops that many scheduled tours make. Explore the classic treasures, theater, and the ancient ruins taking photos along the way. Take a moment to appreciate the Temple of Apollo, originally built in 7 B.C. and reconstructed on 2 additional occasions.After observing this very historic archeological site and museum of Delphi, head to the scenic Arachova village, a small mountain town rich in culture, for a quick walk and photos. > Next, leave touristy Arachova behind and let your driver/guide treat you to some really authentic Greek culinary delights for lunch in an non touristy location observing the locals in their every day life. This is an important part of ALL our tours, since we love authentic food and mixing with the locals, so that you get a real feeling of Greece.> Then, the Hosios Loukas monastery will be visited, with your driver arranging for coffee and homemade dessert to be ready for you after exploring the site. This beautiful location offers excellent views and peaceful surroundings. Enjoy your drink at the beautiful courtyard of Hosios Loukas monastery.Day 2 > Breakfast and then explore the Delphi & Arachova villages to see the hidden beauty! Tour the beautiful coastline (30 min away from Delphi) with some amazing towns ideal for coffee right next to the water. Lunch in a great location with real Greek food just like on day1! > The tour heads to the coastline of the Corinthian Gulf just 20 minutes away from Delphi. On the coast of the Corinthian Gulf, Galaxidi, Itea and Antikyra villages are sheltered from the wind by the reassuring presence of the mountains which range around them. All three of them very picturesque, unique, authentic and calm while facing the Mediterranean Sea.> Lunch> See the Delphi area from within the huge olive grove gorge to really experience what the setting is all about. We shall also use a different vehicle to explore/drive through the olive grove that extends from the Delphi site at 1000 m (3000 ft) down to the coastline and sea level altitude. > The options are limitless and subject only to fit in the schedule; walking, swimming, relaxing by the coastline cafe, visiting an olive press unit to taste fresh olive oil (only between the harvesting months of November to January), a snack and drink (traditional "meze") with the localsFully flexible and totally different.

What’s included

  • AUTHENTIC Greek "meze" (lunch with traditional Greek snacks & drinks), in a convenient non touristy location with local people, on both days
  • Accommodation (breakfast included) on Day-1, based on double or triple occupation
  • PRIVATE tour for 1-2 (5 door vehicle) or 3-7 related people (luxurious minivan)
  • Hotel private pickup and drop-off
  • Private driver & brand new vehicles (2017)
  • Non smoking driver/guide & vehicle
  • Coffee and typical Greek dessert
  • Free visit to local olive press (taste & buy) if the time of year is right (Oct-Dec)
  • In car WiFi, bottled water and booklet with details of the trip
  • Free mobile phone for communication while self exploring
  • Free online consultation for all aspects of your planning and staying in Greece from the first moment you book the trip or any other trip of ours
  • Each traveler is allowed a maximum of one carry-on bag
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water

What’s not included

  • Pickup and drop-off in areas outside of Athens (available for an additional cost)
  • Non related groups of people
  • Excess luggage not allowed unless pre-agreed with the tour operator
  • Entrance fees: Delphi archaeological site and museum €12/person (€6 off-season) & Osios Loukas at €5/person.
  • Shopping/souvenir stops unless required by the traveler/s
  • Professional guide (optional)
  • Gratuities
  • Dinner on Day 1 but transport is