euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €130

  • Dorm bed: €25
  • Pension double: from €75
  • Souvlaki or pitta (pie): €2.50
  • Ouzo with snack: €3
  • 90-minute transit ticket: €1.40

Midrange: €130–250

  • Double in midrange hotel: €90–180
  • Traditional taverna meal: €12–15
  • Museum and site entry fees: €5–20
  • Taxi across town: €5

Top end: More than €250

  • Double room in top hotel: from €180
  • Trendy restaurant meal: from €30
  • Cocktail: €10
  • Acropolis tour guide: €75


Bargaining is acceptable in flea markets and markets, but elsewhere you are expected to pay the stated price.


Major banks have branches around Syntagma. ATMs are plentiful enough in commercial districts, but harder to find in more residential areas.

Currency Exchange

National Bank of Greece Has a 24-hour automated exchange machine.

Onexchange Currency and money transfers. Branches include: Syntagma, Monastiraki.


  • Restaurants If a service charge is included, just round up the bill. If there's no service charge, leave 10% to 20%.
  • Taxis Round up the fare by a couple of euros. There's a small fee for handling bags; this is an official charge, not a tip.
  • Bellhops Bellhops in hotels and stewards on ferries expect a small gratuity of €1 to €3.