Taverna in Skala & Hora


You can't miss this friendly taverna, serving food with soul along the main approach to Hora, with a buzzing terrace near the town hall. Inside are exposed stone walls covered with antique Greek poster girls, and th…
Greek in Astypalea

Sti Linda

From the Stavros junction a rough track winds upwards to the shepherd's hut on the mountain spine and then an extremely rough track (take care) winds downwards to Kaminakia Beach, lapped by stunning turquoise water.…
Taverna in Skala & Hora

Agoni Grammi

It's the outdoor terrace that first catches the eye here, close to Hora's landmark windmills, but the whitewashed interior is equally appealing at night, stippled by stone flags and lit with red pendant lights. As w…
Taverna in Skala & Hora


Tucked one street back from the harbour, near the stairway to heaven (well, Hora, anyway), this stylish restaurant dishes up everything from zucchini balls, lamb chops and eggplant salad, to grilled shrimp saganaki …
Greek in Astypalea


First-class dining by the beach, on a decked verandah with chic white tables and a menu that includes octopus salad, breaded crab’s pincers and lobster. French lounge tunes under the shade of tamarisk trees accompan…
Greek in Astypalea

Almyra Taverna

This simple quayside taverna stays open year-round to keep local fishermen suitably fed and watered. In summer, though, its traditional island meat and seafood staples go down a treat with visitors.
Cafe in Astypalea

Galini Cafe

At remote Mesa Vathy hamlet you can dine at the laid-back Galini Café, which offers meat and fish grills and the odd oven-baked special.