From the parking lot opposite Moni Odigitrias, it’s around 7km to the beach via the Agiofarango Gorge. The gorge is awash in oleander and popular with rock climbers. There are caves, makeshift chapels and hermitages in the cliffs as well as a Byzantine chapel en route. The gorge emerges at a lovely pebble beach with crystal-clear water. Despite its remoteness, it can get busy.

For those who don’t want to walk the whole way, drive on the road signed to Kali Limenes for approximately 3.5km where you turn right at a sharp fork. Continue on this rough dirt road for around 2.5km until the road ends (at a parking area). From here you walk for approximately 1.5km to the sea. A Cretan warning: don’t park your car under the shade. Goats sometimes jump on the roofs to reach tree leaves.