Arkadia restaurants

Top Choice Greek in Dimitsana


This tiny eatery, 14km southwest of Dimitsana in the village of Panaghia, ticks all the right boxes. Sustainable practices? Tick – the husband-and-wife team collects all wild herbs and cultivates its own produce. Ho…
Greek in Dimitsana

Taverna Margarita

This casual, ultra-typical, family-run taverna in the quaint village of Zatouna is a far cry from the tourist haunts of nearby Dimitsana. The pine decor and souvenir paraphernalia look likes they've been there since…
Greek in Stemnitsa

I Stemnitsa

It may be the only taverna open year-round in Stemnitsa, but you could do worse. Eat inside (enter off the alley to the left of the clock tower) or sit outdoors under giant umbrellas. The local butcher owns the esta…
Steak in Dimitsana

To Kapilio Ton Athonaton

The summer terrace overlooking the gorge, the Tavern of Immortals is sought out by discerning carnivores for its meaty specials – roast lamb, pork chops, locally made sausage…
Greek in Leonidio


The fresher the better. Owner Theodore’s brother-in-law is the fisherman so you eat the catch of the day. Kids can run amok, you can sit on the terrace over the water.