Argos attractions

Top Choice Museum in Argos

Byzantine Museum of Argolis

It's worth visiting Argos for this stunning museum alone. Opened in 2017, it provides an evocative insight into Byzantine history, within the context of the region of Argolis. Six rooms neatly showcase Byzantine lif…
Castle in Argos

Larissa Castle

Looming over Argos, Larissa Castle is a crumbling conglomeration of purple-flower-studded towers, bastions and wall sections – contributed by Roman, Frankish, Venetian and Ottoman Turk conquerors – that stands on th…
Ruins in Argos

Roman Ruins

Impressive Roman ruins straddle both sides of the Tripolis road. The star attraction is the half-crumbled theatre, which originally seated 20,000 people. Dating from the early 5th century BC, it was greatly modified…
Museum in Argos

Archaeological Museum of Argos

Just off the central square, the archaeological museum includes some outstanding and complete Roman mosaics and sculptures in its collection, as well as bronze objects from Mycenaean tombs. Highlights include the st…
Winery in Argos


George Skouras has been producing wines from local and international grape varieties since 1986. For wine tastings, reserve ahead on thei website.