LGBT Travellers

Crete does not have much of an open LGBT+ scene. The church plays a prominent role in shaping Cretans’ views and homosexuality is frowned upon by many locals, especially in rural areas and among the older generations. Overall, though, acceptance has increased in recent years, especially in bigger cities such as Iraklio and Hania. Still, the local LGBT+ community is discreet and it pays to follow its lead.

  • Same-sex couples should not have trouble finding lodging. For leads on gay-friendly hotels, check Gay-owned Home Hotel ( near Hersonisos has a fine reputation among LGBT+ travellers.
  • The website has some useful information on gay beaches, gay-friendly bars and lodging.
  • Despite the name, Villa Ralfa ( is not a hotel but an LGBT+ information site, although much of it appears outdated.
  • The Spartacus International Gay Guide (, published by Bruno Gmünder (Berlin), is widely regarded as the leading authority on gay travel.
  • Popular international smartphone apps are also in use.