Amorgos in detail

Flights & getting there

Connections from Naxos are good, with the Small Cyclades Line ( operating each day (except Sunday), connecting Naxos with the two Amorgos ports by way of the Small Cyclades.

Blue Star Ferries ( has three useful routes: two run regularly from Piraeus via Paros, Naxos and the Small Cyclades, ending at either Aegiali or Katapola port. The third route sails weekly from Piraeus to Katapola and eastwards to Patmos, Leros, Kos and Rhodes.

Purchase your tickets from Nautilos, a ticket agency with offices close to both harbours.

Destinations from Aegiali are: Astypalea (€13, 1¾ hours, four weekly), Donousa (€7, 45 minutes to 1¼ hours, seven weekly), Iraklia (€9, 2¼ to 3¾ hours, four weekly), Koufonisia (€7, 2½ hours, three weekly), Naxos (€12, 2¼ to five hours, one to two daily), Paros (€13 to €21, 3½ hours, five weekly), Schinousa (€8.50, 3½ hours, six weekly) and Syros (€16, 5¼ hours, one weekly).

Destinations from Katapola include: Donousa (€7, 2¼ to 4¾ hours, three weekly), Folegandros (€70, 2¼ hours, daily), Ios (€12, three hours, one weekly), Iraklia (€8, 1¾ to 4½ hours, one to two daily), Koufonisia (€7 to €14, 40 minutes to 3½ hours, two to four daily), Milos (€70, 5½ hours, daily), Mykonos (€55, 2¼ hours, three weekly), Naxos (€11 to €30, 1¼ to 3¼ hours, two to three daily), Paros (€13 to €29, four to 4¼ hours, one to two daily), Piraeus (€33 to €70, five to 10 hours, one to two daily), Rhodes (€33, 8½ hours, one weekly), Schinousa (€8, 1½ to 4¼ hours, one to two daily) and Santorini (€12 to €50, 1½ to 3¼ hours, one to two daily).

Boat Services from Aegiali

DestinationDurationFare (€)Frequency
Astypalea1¾hr134 weekly
Donousa45min-1¼hr6-77 weekly (not daily)
Iraklia2¼-3¾hr8.50-94 weekly
Koufonisia2½hr7.403 weekly
Naxos2¼-5hr12-12.501-2 daily
Paros3½hr13-21.505 weekly
Schinoussa3½hr8.506 weekly
Syros5¼hr161 weekly