Museum in Alexandroupoli

Ethnological Museum of Thrace

Inside a grand sandstone mansion, this museum with backyard cafe packs its displays with colourful Thracian costumes, musical instruments, oil presses, and exhibitions on traditional occupations such as beekeeping a…
Museum in Alexandroupoli

Ecclesiastical Art Museum

Opposite the custard-coloured Agios Nikolaos cathedral, this excellent museum contains priceless icons, many brought by refugees in 1923, plus early printed Greek books. Look for the heart-rending realism of the lam…
Church in Alexandroupoli

Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos

This cathedral houses the miracle-working 13th-century icon of the Panagia Trifotissa, from Aenos (Enez in Turkish) across the Evros River. Villagers with eyes damaged by the reflected glare of the sun on the salt m…