Agios Kirykos restaurants

Top Choice Fast Food in Agios Kirykos


Best souvlakia and gyros (meat slithers cooked on a vertical rotisserie, eaten with pitta bread) at the port. Look for the umbrellas; it's next to Taverna Klimataria.
Taverna in Agios Kirykos

Stou Tsouris

On the waterfront facing the square, this busy and traditional eatery serves tasty grills and several very good mayirefta (ready-cooked meals) and fresh fish (fairly priced by the kilo). Open year-round.
Taverna in Agios Kirykos


This tasty eatery 30m from the square, up the first alleyway, offers Agios Kirykos’ best-value meals, including tasty grills, salads and excellent pizza.
Taverna in Agios Kirykos

Taverna Klimataria

An inviting backstreet taverna, behind the National Bank, with a lovely shaded courtyard. Strong on grilled meats and pastitsio (layers of buttery macaroni and seasoned minced lamb) with generous salads.
Fast Food in Agios Kirykos


If you want your lunch to be quick – something most tavernas can't guarantee – head to this veritable gyros place at the southern end of the seafront.
Deli in Agios Kirykos

Legouvisi Souvlakia

A snappy delicatessen next to the post office, serving good snacks, coffee, beer and quick grills.
Taverna in Agios Kirykos

Taverna Arodou

An excellent traditional seaside eatery overlooking the sea, 5km southwest of Agios Kirykos.