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Boat Services from Aegina

Ferries to Piraeus are plentiful from Aegina Town throughout the year, ranging from regular, slower ferries (€8 to €10, 70 minutes, hourly), to high-speed services (€14, 40 minutes, six daily). From Agia Marina, you can reach Piraeus in summer only (€10, one hour, three to four daily).

There are several daily boats that run to Angistri's Skala from Aegina Town, including large ferries (€2.80, 20 minutes, one to two daily) and faster catamarans (€6, 10 minutes, four to six daily). You can also reach Mylos easily (€6, 10 minutes, five daily).

Getting to Poros from Aegina Town is easy (€8.50, one hour and 50 minutes, two to three daily).

Note that there are no direct ferries to Hydra from Aegina; you must go back to Piraeus and take a Hydra-bound ferry from there.