20-Minutes Natural Pedicure with Exotic Fish

Spa Tours in Greece
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Take a quick break and enjoy a 20-minute fish pedi in a zen oasis right in the heart of Athens. Treat yourself with a new treatment for the feet, where dozens of small fish exfoliate the dead cells of the skin.

Enjoy a 20-minute exotic pedicure by sinking your feet in calming waters and letting hundreds of little fish take care of your skin. This practice, which originated from the Middle and Far East, leaves your feet baby soft, with an incredible feeling of rejuvenation through a natural method.The fish spa uses a natural pedicure method that originated in Turkey and is practiced through much of the Middle and Far East. Relax and allow garra rufa fish take care of your dry skin and remove dead cells, leaving you with healthy and rejuvenated skin.These clever fish also stimulate acupuncture points, helping to rejuvenate the nervous system, relax the body, and relieve fatigue. Your blood circulation is also stimulated during the treatment. There's no need to worry about the fish hurting you, as the tiny fish don't even have teeth. They work their magic by a gentle nibbling and sucking action.

What's included

  • 20-minute fish pedicure
  • Use of towels and slippers

What's not included

  • Drinks