Top Choice Museum in Kalavryta

Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust

The country's only Holocaust museum, this is a powerful tribute to the residents of Kalavryta who perished in the 13 December 1943 slaughter perpetrated by the Nazis. It’s a dignified, understated, yet extremely evo…
Top Choice Cave in Achaïa

Cave of the Lakes

The remarkable Cave of the Lakes lies 16.5km south of Kalavryta near the village of Kastria. A 500m boardwalk snakes its way through the cave, through the vast entrance chamber (home to five species of bats) past sp…
Top Choice Museum in Patra

Archaeological Museum of Patras

This fabulous museum, the country’s second largest, should be shouting its existence from its space-age rooftop. Its exhibits comprise regional objects from prehistoric to Roman times arranged across three vast them…
Castle in Patra


Patra's castle stands on the site of the acropolis of ancient Patrai. The Romans were the first to build a fort here around AD 550, but the present structure is of Frankish origin, remodelled many times over the cen…
Monastery in Achaïa

Moni Mega Spileo

Moni Mega Spileo is believed to be one of the oldest monasteries in Greece (though the current building dates from the 20th century). The original monastery was destroyed in 1943 when Nazis executed all the monks. I…
Monastery in Achaïa

Moni Agias Lavras

The original 10th-century monastery that stood here was burnt down by the Nazis, and its monks killed. The chapel of the new monastery is where Greece's War of Independence was allegedly launched; the banner standar…
Monument in Kalavryta

Martyrs’ Monument

A huge white cross on a cypress-covered hillside just east of town marks the site where the Nazis machine-gunned almost 500 men and boys from Kalavryta on 13 December 1943. Only 13 survived the massacre. Beneath thi…
Church in Patra

Church of Agios Andreas

Seating 5500 people, this church is one of the largest in the Balkans. It houses religious icons and paintings, plus St Andreas’ skull, along with part of the cross on which he was crucified.
Theatre in Patra

Apollon Theatre

Nineteenth-century theatre designed by Ernst Ziller.
Church in Patra

Agios Dionysios Church

This church is a notable landmark in Patra.