Top Choice Museum in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Museum

Gibraltar's swashbuckling history quickly unfolds in this fine museum, which comprises a labyrinth of rooms ranging from prehistoric and Phoenician Gibraltar to the infamous Great Siege (1779–83). Don’t miss the wel…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Gibraltar

Upper Rock Nature Reserve

The Rock is one of the most dramatic landforms in southern Europe. Most of its upper sections (but not the main lookouts) fall within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Entry tickets include admission to St Michael’s Ca…
Tunnel in Gibraltar

Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels were gun emplacements hewn out by hand by the British during the 1779–83 siege. They constitute a tiny portion of the more than 50km of tunnels in the Rock, most of which are off-limits to th…
Museum in Gibraltar

Military Heritage Centre

A 1.5km (30-minute) walk north (downhill) from the top cable-car station is Princess Caroline’s Battery, housing the Military Heritage Centre.
Landmark in Gibraltar

Nelson’s Anchorage

At the southwest end of town, Nelson's Anchorage pinpoints the site where Nelson's body was brought ashore from the HMS Victory – preserved in a rum barrel, so legend says. A 100-tonne British-made Victorian supergu…
Cave in Gibraltar

St Michael’s Cave

About 25 minutes' walk south down St Michael's Rd from the top cable-car station (or up from the Apes' Den), St Michael's Cave is a big natural grotto that was once home to Neolithic inhabitants of the Rock. Today, …
Cemetery in Gibraltar

Trafalgar Cemetery

Gibraltar’s cemetery gives a poignant history lesson, with its graves of British sailors who perished here after the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, and of 19th-century yellow-fever victims.
Tunnel in Gibraltar

WWII Tunnels

The WWII tunnels, where the Allied invasion of North Africa was planned, can be visited; these aren't included in your nature-reserve ticket, but you must have a nature-reserve ticket to visit them. Even combined w…
Gardens in Gibraltar

Alameda Botanic Gardens

Take a break from Gibraltar’s inexplicably manic traffic amid these lush gardens, scene of Molly Bloom’s famous sexual exploits in James Joyce’s Ulysses.
Castle in Gibraltar

Moorish Castle

On Willis’ Rd, the way down to town from the northern end of the Rock, you’ll find the remains of the Moorish Castle, rebuilt in 1333 after being won back from the Spanish.