Cape Coast restaurants

Top Choice Vegetarian in Cape Coast

Baobab Vegetarian Moringa Restaurant

A tiny organic food bar with a wholesome touch, Baobab serves up great veggie stews and curries, black-bread sandwiches and refreshing juices, smoothies and shakes. All this and there's a great sea view too.
International in Cape Coast

Orange Beach Bar & Restaurant

Sitting on the beach next to Cape Coast Castle, this airy and friendly cafe serves fresh organic juices and smoothies, as well as tasty breakfasts, fish grills and Ghanaian dishes. It's a good place for a party too,…
African in Cape Coast

The Castle

Though not as impressive in size as its next-door neighbour (Cape Coast Castle), this wooden bar-restaurant is a charmer. The fare (a mix of Ghanaian and international dishes) is good, though not sensational.