Cape Coast in detail

Flights & getting there


The Intercity STC bus station is near the Pedu junction, about 5km northwest of the town centre. Destinations for the moment are just Accra (C25, three hours, one daily) and Takoradi (C10, one hour, one daily). There are several Metro Mass services to and from Cape Coast daily.


Shared taxis and tro-tros (minibuses) to local destinations such as Anomabu (C2, 15 minutes) and Elmina (C2.50, 15 minutes) leave from Kotokuraba station.

For tro-tros to Accra (C20, three hours) and Kumasi (C30, four hours) head to Tantri station. You can also pick up tro-tros to Accra from the Total petrol station.

Ciodu station serves destinations west of Cape Coast, such as Kakum National Park (C5, 30 minutes) and Takoradi (C8, one hour).