Top things to do in Bolgatanga

International in Bolgatanga

Swap Fast Food

The outdoor terrace is lovely but if the heat is too much you can always retreat to the air-con dining room. The food is good and varied – the menu includes curries, jollof rice, pepper steak, fried noodles – but th…
Art in Bolgatanga

Bolgatanga International Crafts & Arts Fair

Showcases work by artisans from the Upper East region and across Ghana, with a handful of displays from elsewhere on the continent. The four-day event also features live bands.
Library in Bolgatanga

Bolgatanga Library

Built by award-winning American architect J Max Bond Jr, Bolga's library is a stylish piece on 1960s modernist design.
Crocodile Pond in Bolgatanga

Chief's Pond

The pond's reptiles, which are held sacred by the local people, are reputed to be the friendliest in Africa. Local women even do their laundry in the pond while kids frolic in the water. Legend has it that this stat…