Accra in detail

Getting Around

Shared taxis and tro-tros (minibuses or pick-ups) travel on fixed runs from major landmarks or between major circles, such as Danquah Circle, 37 Circle and Nkrumah Circle (usually just called 'Circle'), the centre of Accra's public transport universe. It can be quite daunting for new-comers but Ghanaians are experts at navigating the system and will readily direct you or take you under their wing if they're travelling in the same direction.

  • Major routes include Circle to Osu via Ring Rd; Circle to the main post office via Kwame Nkrumah Ave; Tudu station to Kokomlemle; 37 Circle to Osu; Makola Market to Osu; and Circle to the airport.
  • Fares are usually very cheap, C1 to C2.
  • Tro-tros run virtually 24 hours a day, with reduced frequency between midnight and 4am.
  • Private taxis within the ring road shouldn't cost more than C20.