Immigration in Accra

Immigration Office

Three-month visa extensions cost C250 and take two weeks to process. You will need two passport photos and a letter of application explaining the reasons for your extension request.
Travel Agency in Accra

Easy Track Ghana

Set up by two friends, an American and a Ghanaian, Easy Track has a strong focus on sustainable tourism and runs tours all over the country as well as in the rest of West Africa.
Travel Agency in Accra

Abacar Tours

Reputable operator run by a Franco-Ghanaian team, with plenty of options in Ghana and the possibility to extend in neighbouring Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.
Travel Agency in Accra

M&J Travel & Tours

Experienced travel agent offering car hire as well as tours throughout Ghana and into neighbouring Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.
Hospital in Accra

Trust Hospital

A private hospital with decent general practitioner and lab services.
Hospital in Accra

Lister Hospital

Ultramodern hospital. Has lab, pharmacy, and emergency services.
Hospital in Accra

37 Military Hospital

Large government hospital with a trauma centre and an ICU.
Tourist Information in Accra

Accra Tourist Information Centre

Comprehensive information and booking service.
Bank in Accra

Barclays Bank Headquarters

Changes cash and travellers cheques; ATM.
Internet in Accra

Busy Internet

Fast browsing and printing services.