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Zittau’s oldest eatery dates from 1533 and oozes history, but it's not just a tourist piece – it serves delicious regional cuisine and has a lovely courtyard. A speciality is the Bohemian goulash, a creamy blend of …
Museum in Zittau

Museum Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz

This former church holds Zittau's most famous attraction, the 1472 Grosses Zittauer Fastentuch (Large Zittau Lenten Veil). The house-sized painted linen cloth shows a complete illustrated Bible in 90-odd scenes – Ge…
Area in Zittau


This once-drab cluster of GDR-era buildings has been transformed into a colourful and fanciful living quarter dreamed up by Berlin artist Sergej Alexander Dott. Highlights include giant sheep clambering around brigh…
German in Zittau

Seeger Schänke

'Seeger' is local dialect for 'clock', which explains the abundance of timepieces decorating this rustic pub that's often so crowded in the evenings that you have to wait for a table. There's a pleasant courtyard ou…
Museum in Zittau

Kulturhistorisches Museum Franziskanerkloster

The star exhibit at this museum is the 1573 Kleines Zittauer Fastentuch (Small Zittau Lenten Veil), which depicts the crucifixion scene framed by 40 symbols of the Passion of Christ, and is one of only seven such ve…
Church in Zittau


Zittau's grand Church of St John has medieval roots, but the current version was designed by celebrated Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who added the wooden coffered ceiling, the neo-Gothic north tower a…
Historic Building in Zittau


Overlooking fountain-studded Neustadt square, the weighty Salzhaus was originally a 16th-century salt storage house and now brims with market stalls, shops, restaurants and the public library.