Cathedral in Ulm


'Ooh, it’s so big'… First-time visitors gush as they strain their neck muscles gazing up to the Münster. It is. And rather beautiful. Celebrated for its 161.5m-high steeple, the world’s tallest, this Goliath of cath…
Museum in Ulm

Museum der Brotkultur

How grain grows, what makes a good dough and other bread-related mysteries are unravelled at the Museum of Bread Culture. The collection celebrates bread as the stuff of life over millennia and across cultures, disp…
Museum in Ulm

Ulmer Museum

This museum is a fascinating romp through ancient and modern art, history and archaeology. Standouts include the 20th-century Kurt Fried Collection, starring Klee, Picasso and Lichtenstein works. Archaeological high…
Gallery in Ulm

Kunsthalle Weishaupt

The glass-fronted Kunsthalle Weishaupt contains the private collection of Siegfried Weishaupt. The accent is on modern and pop art, with bold paintings by Klein, Warhol and Haring.
Monument in Ulm

Albrecht Berblinger Plaque

This bronze plaque marks where Albrecht Berblinger, a tailor who invented a flying machine, attempted to fly over the Danube in 1811. The so-called ‘Tailor of Ulm’ made an embarrassing splash landing but his design…
Area in Ulm


The charming Fischerviertel, Ulm’s old fishers’ and tanners’ quarter, is slightly southwest of the centre. Beautifully restored half-timbered houses huddle along the two channels of the Blau River. Harbouring art ga…
Fountain in Ulm


In the Marktplatz is the Fischkastenbrunnen, a fountain where fishmongers kept their river fish alive on market days.
Historic Building in Ulm


The 14th-century Rathaus has an ornately painted Renaissance facade and a gilded astrological clock (1520); bells count off every quarter-hour. Inside you can see a replica of Berblinger's flying machine.
Landmark in Ulm


On the third Monday of July, the mayor swears allegiance to the town’s 1397 constitution from the 1st-floor loggia of the early 17th-century baroque Schwörhaus (Oath House), three blocks west of the Rathaus.
Landmark in Ulm


Designed by Richard Meier, the contemporary aesthetic of the concrete-and-glass Stadthaus is a dramatic contrast to the Münster. The American architect caused uproar by erecting a postmodern building alongside the c…