The Ruhrgebiet restaurants

Cafe in Essen


This feel-good cafe is beautifully situated in an old house and quite possibly serves the best coffee in town. Join the locals as they indulge in deep conversation over breakfast, drop by for a salad or light lunch …
Turkish in Essen

Orkide Döner

People come from all over, passing a lot of other doner kebab places on the way, to enjoy Orkide's piquant goodness. Germany's favourite fast food is given great treatment in an appropriately casual setting. The sau…
German in Dortmund

Wenkers am Markt

A legendary place for quaffing before and after football matches, Wenkers has a sea of tables outside on a central square and serves German classics in gut-busting portions. It's one of the oldest breweries in Westp…
German in Bochum


This famous sausage kitchen makes a mean Currywurst (slivered sausage in tomato sauce drizzled with curry powder) and enjoys cult status among locals and Bermuda Dreieck pub crawlers seeking to balance their brain.
Cafe in Bochum


In the hip Ehrenfeld quarter near the municipal theatre, this easy-vibe cafe dishes up made-with-love sandwiches (Butterbrot) on crusty home-baked bread, as well as daily lunch specials, fabulous cakes and coffee.
German in Dortmund

Zum Alten Markt

Traditional Westphalian fare is served to hordes of appreciative locals in the very centre of the city. Pray to the gods of digestion at one of the nearby churches. Seating is inside among loads of quirky knick-knac…