Stuttgart in detail

Flights & getting there


Stuttgart Airport, a major hub for Eurowings, is 13km south of the city. There are four terminals, all within easy walking distance of each other.

Car & Motorcycle

The A8 from Munich to Karlsruhe passes Stuttgart (often abbreviated to ‘S’ on highway signs), as does the A81 from Singen (near Lake Constance) to Heilbronn and Mannheim. Stuttgart is an Umweltzone (Green Zone;, where vehicles are graded according to their emissions levels. Expect to pay €6 to €10 for an Umweltplakette (environment sticker), which is obligatory in green zones and can be ordered online.


Long-distance IC and ICE destinations departing from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof include Berlin (€130 to €154, 5½ hours), Frankfurt (€50 to €66, 1¼ hours) and Munich (€54, 2¼ hours). There are frequent regional services to Tübingen (€15.10, 43 minutes to one hour), Schwäbisch Hall (€16.60, 70 minutes) and Ulm (€21.90 to €27, one hour).