Stuttgart in detail


Stuttgart has raised the bar in the kitchen, with chefs putting an imaginative spin on local, seasonal ingredients. The city’s half-dozen Michelin-starred restaurants prepare cuisine with enough gourmet panache to satisfy a food-literate crowd. For intimate bistro-style dining, explore the backstreets and alleyways of Bohnenviertel.

Swabian Menu Decoder

As the Swabian saying goes: Was der Bauer net kennt, frisst er net (What the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat) – so find out before you dig in:

Bubespitzle Officially called Schupfnudeln, these short, thick potato noodles – vaguely reminiscent of gnocchi – are browned in butter and tossed with sauerkraut. Sounds appetising until you discover that Bubespitzle means 'little boys’ penises'.

Gaisburger Marsch A strong beef stew served with potatoes and Spätzle.

Maultaschen Giant ravioli pockets, stuffed with leftover ground pork, spinach, onions and bread mush. The dish is nicknamed Herrgottsbeschieserle (God trickster) because it was a sly way to eat meat during Lent.

Saure Kuddle So who is for sour tripe? If you don't have the stomach, try the potato-based, meat-free saure Rädle (sour wheels) instead.

Spätzle Stubby egg-based noodles. These are fried with onions and topped with cheese in the calorific treat Käsespätzle.

Zwiebelkuche Autumnal onion tart with bacon, cream and caraway seeds, which pairs nicely with neuer Süsser (new wine) or Moschd (cider).