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Top Choice Church in Stralsund


The main portal of the soaring Nikolaikirche is reached via an entrance off the Alter Markt. This masterpiece of medieval architecture dates to 1270 and is modelled on Lübeck's Marienkirche. Its interior is redolent…
Top Choice Aquarium in Stralsund


In an arctic-white wavelike building that leaps out from the surrounding red-brick warehouses, the state-of-the-art Ozeaneum takes you into an underwater world of creatures from the Baltic and North Seas and the Atl…
Top Choice German in Stralsund

Speicher 8

Simply roasted fish is one of the stars of this excellent casual restaurant in an old turreted building right on the waterfront. There are great tables out front; inside it's all glass and exposed wood. Celebrate yo…
Top Choice Seafood in Stralsund


Choose your pleasure from the glass-fronted counters, order up, get a beer and wait for your meal's arrival at a picnic table inside or out. This über-casual fish bar has the best of the Baltic and beyond. People lo…
Ship in Stralsund

Gorch Fock 1

Built as a training ship by the German navy in 1933, the Gorch Fock 1 is a large (82m-long) steel three-masted barque with quite a history. The Russians took her as war booty and from there she went to the Ukraine a…
Church in Stralsund


You'll need divine inspiration to guess the number of bricks used to build the massive 14th-century Marienkirche, a superb example of north German red-brick construction. You can climb the steep wooden steps up the …
European in Stralsund

Brasserie Grand Café

Always crowded with locals, this fine bistro has tables scattered on the square, throughout several rooms and levels inside, and right on back to a beer garden. Food includes a great breakfast buffet, pasta and Germ…
Seafood in Stralsund


Don’t be dissuaded by Fischermann’s touristy location in a tall redbrick warehouse on the waterfront. Diners pack its terrace like sardines on sunny days, enjoying its small but stellar selection of fish dishes –the…
Seafood in Stralsund

Nur Fisch

Simple canteen-style bistro dedicated to marine delights – from fish sandwiches to sumptuous platters of local seafood. Dishes include pasta, salads, smoked fish and seasonal specials.
Aquarium in Stralsund


The Meeresmuseum aquarium is in a 13th-century convent building. Exhibits include a very popular sea turtle tank and polychromatic tropical fish.