Top things to do in Spandau

Top Choice Castle in Spandau

Zitadelle Spandau

The 16th-century Spandau Citadel, on a little island in the Havel River, is considered one of the world’s best-preserved Renaissance fortresses. With its moat, drawbridge and arrowhead-shaped bastions, it is also a …
Museum in Spandau

Militärhistorisches Museum – Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow

Operated by the Bundeswehr (the armed forces of Germany), this exhibit is a fascinating destination for fans of aviation, technology, history and the military. It spreads its wings over a military airfield used by b…
Church in Spandau


The Gothic Church of St Nicholas is famous for hosting Brandenburg’s first public Lutheran-style worship service back in 1539, under elector Joachim II whose bronze statue stands outside the church. Inside, importan…
Beer Garden in Spandau

Brauhaus Spandau

In good weather there are few nicer places to while away a few hours in central Spandau than in the tree-canopied beer garden of this brewery located in a historical red-brick building. On tap are the Spandauer Have…
Cafe in Spandau

Konditorei Fester

Family Fester has supplied sweet treats to generations of cake, chocolate and ice-cream lovers; it is a Spandau institution. Everything’s homemade and best enjoyed on the terrace in summer.
Historic Building in Spandau

Gotisches Haus

Whoever built the Gothic House in the 15th century must have been flush with cash; it’s made of stone, not wood as was customary in those times. The well-preserved Altstadt gem is one of the oldest surviving residen…
International in Spandau

Satt und Selig

In a baroque half-timbered house in the historic centre, this local favourite gets things right from morning to night. The breakfast selection is legendary, the cakes homemade and the main dishes (including steaks f…
Area in Spandau


Separated from the Altstadt by the busy Strasse am Juliusturm, the Kolk quarter was the site of Spandau’s first settlement. It exudes a medieval-village feel with its romantic narrow lanes, crooked half-timbered hou…
Church in Spandau

St Marien am Behnitz

This modest house of worship was the first Catholic church in Brandenburg, built in the 1720s under 'Soldier King' Friedrich I as an incentive for Belgians to come to Spandau to work in his gun factories. Extensive …
Museum in Spandau

Spandovia Sacra

Originally built in the Middle Ages and since modified, this building is home to a small exhibition about the Reformation with a focus on Brandenburg and Spandau, where elector Joachim II introduced the Luther-style…