Carnival in Schiltach

Schramberg Fasnacht

Parade protagonists include the hoorige Katz (hairy cat) and the hopping Hans. Even more spectacular, however, is Da-Bach-Na-Fahrt, where characters hurtle down the river in wooden bathtubs. Schramberg is 10km...

Square in Schiltach


Centred on a trickling fountain, the sloping, triangular Marktplatz is Schiltach at its picture-book best. The frescoes of its step-gabled 16th-century Rathaus depict scenes from local history.

Museum in Schiltach

Museum am Markt

Museum am Markt is crammed with everything from antique spinning wheels to Biedermeier costumes. Highlights include the cobbler’s workshop and an interactive display recounting the tale of the devilish Teufel von...

Street in Schiltach


Clamber south up Schlossbergstrasse, pausing to notice the plaques that denote the trades of one-time residents, such as the Strumpfstricker (stocking weaver) at No 6, and the sloping roofs where tanners once...

Museum in Schiltach

Schüttesäge Museum

The riverfront Schüttesäge Museum focuses on Schiltach’s rafting tradition with reconstructed workshops, a watermill generating hydroelectric power for many homes in the area and touchy-feely exhibits for kids,...