Airport in Dresden

Dresden International Airport

Has flights to many German cities and international destinations including Amsterdam, Zurich, Dubai and Moscow.
Ferry in Meissen

Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt

Steamboats depart from the Terrassenufer in Dresden for a two-hour trip to Meissen. On the way back, they depart at 2.45pm, but moving upstream, the journey takes over three hours. Many people opt to travel from Dre…
Airport in Leipzig

Leipzig-Halle Airport

Leipzig-Halle Airport, about 21km west of the city, is served by domestic and international flights with two dozen airlines. Overseas destinations include London, Istanbul, Moscow and popular holiday spots in the Me…
Information in Leipzig

LVB Information Kiosk

Leipzig's public transport is the responsibility of LVB, which runs this information kiosk outside the Hauptbahnhof.
Bus in Saxon Switzerland

Frank Nuhn Freizeit und Tourismus

From mid-April to October, a bus service shuttles between Königstein, Bad Schandau and Mezni Louka in Czechia three times daily (€6 per ride). Buy tickets from the driver.
Train in Bad Muskau

Waldeisenbahn Muskau

A steam train ride that connects Weisswasser and Bad Muskau (€6.50 return). You can take the picturesque ride on certain days from April to October.
Bus in Leipzig


Runs Leipzig's buses and trams. Single tickets cost €1.90 for up to four stops and €2.60 for longer trips; day passes are €7.40.
Bus in Königstein


From April to October, this tourist 'train' makes the steep 260m climb half-hourly from Königstein to Festung Königstein.
Tickets in Leipzig

LVB Information Kiosk

This is a handily central office of the LVB, where you can buy tickets and get free maps.
Bus in Meissen

Stadtrundfahrt Meissen

Hop-on, hop-off minibus linking all the major sights along two intersecting routes.