Saxon Switzerland attractions

Fortress in Königstein

Festung Königstein

Festung Königstein is the largest intact fortress in Germany, and so imposing and formidable that noone in history has ever even bothered to attack it, let alone conquered it. Begun in the 13th century, it was repea…
Tower in Bad Schandau


This old lift, which dates from 1905, whisks you up a 50m-high tower for views and access to a footbridge linking to a pretty forest path that runs into the national park. It's on the road out of town, towards the C…
Castle in Bastei

Felsenburg Neurathen

A partly reconstructed medieval castle in the Bastei.
Museum in Bad Schandau


The National Park Centre has ho-hum exhibitions on local flora, fauna and how the sandstone formations were shaped, but the evocative visuals of the 17-minute introductory movie almost justify the admission price, i…