Boat in Naumburg

MS Fröhliche Dörte

The MS Fröhliche Dörte runs to Freyburg between April and October, taking 70 minutes (adult/child one way €9/5, return €15/8). It departs Naumburg at 11am, 1.30pm and 4pm.
Ferry in Freyburg

MS Fröhliche Dörte

The 19th-century MS Fröhliche Dörte tootles its way along the Unstrut between April and October. The 40-minute one-way journey from Freyburg to Naumburg costs €9/5 per adult/concession, and €15/8 return. It departs …
Bicycle Rental in Naumburg

Radhaus Steinmeyer

Rents bikes in the summer.