Train in Rügen Island

Rügensche Bäderbahn

More than just a tourist attraction, the Rügensche Bäderbahn steam train serves as a handy mode of transport as it chuffs between Putbus and Göhren. En route, it stops in Binz, Jagdschloss Granitz, Sellin and Baabe.…
Bus in Rügen Island

RPNV Buses

RPNV Buses link practically all communities, though service can be sporadic. Fares are according to distance: Binz to Göhren, for example, costs €5.50.
Boat in Rügen Island

Adler Schiffe

Connects Peenemünde on Usedom Island with Göhren, Sellin and Binz once daily.
Shuttle in Kap Arkona

Kap Arkona Bahn

A fake train on tyres which links the parking area with Kap Arkona.