Rostock in detail


It takes just a couple of hours to see the city sights, which are found in the pedestrianised zone between Neuer Markt and Universitåtsplatz, as well as the Alter Markt.

City Walls & Gates

Today only two of 32 gates, plus a small brick section, remain of the old city wall. The 55m-high Kröpeliner Tor stands at the western end of Kröpeliner Strasse. From here, you can follow the Wallanlagen (city walls) through the pleasant park to Wallstrasse and the other surviving gate, the Steintor.

Kröpeliner Strasse & Universitätsplatz

Kröpeliner Strasse, a broad, shop-filled, cobblestone pedestrian mall lined with 15th- and 16th-century burghers’ houses, runs from Neuer Markt west to Kröpeliner Tor. At the mall's centre is Universitätsplatz, and its centrepiece, the crazy rococo Brunnen der Lebensfreude (Fountain of Happiness) – some of the people and animals shown seem to be engaging in acts deemed illegal in more religiously conservative places. True to its name, the square is lined with university buildings, including the handsome terracotta Hauptgebäude (1866–70). The university itself is the oldest on the Baltic (founded in 1419).