Top Choice French in Regensburg

Café Orphée

Claiming to be the Frenchiest bistro east of the Rhine – and it is as if you've been teleported to 1920s Paris – this visually pleasing, always bustling eatery, is bedecked in faded red velvet, dark wood and art nou…
Top Choice Bavarian in Regensburg

Dicker Mann

Stylish, tranquil, very traditional inn and plating up all the staples of Bavarian sustenance, the 'Chubby Chappy' is one of the oldest restaurants in town, allegedly dating back to the 14th century. On a balmy eve,…
French in Regensburg


Colourful canvases mix with ancient beamed ceilings at this bustling place serving provincial French food, including delicious Flammkuchen (Alsatian pizza), quiche, salads, meat and fish dishes, as well as a commend…
International in Regensburg

Haus Heuport

Enter an internal courtyard (flanked by stone blocks where medieval torches were once extinguished) and climb up the grand old wooden staircase to this space-rich Gothic dining hall for eye-to-eye views of the Dom S…
Bavarian in Regensburg

Weltenburger am Dom

Tightly packed gastropub with a mouth-watering menu card of huge gourmet burgers, sausage dishes, beer hall and garden favourites such as Obazda (cream cheese on pretzels) and Sauerbraten (marinated roast meat), dar…
Italian in Regensburg

Spaghetteria Aquino

Get carbed up at this former 17th-century chapel, where you can splatter six types of pasta with 24 types of sauce, and get out the door for the cost of a cocktail in Munich. The all-you-can-eat buffets (€5 to €6.50…
German in Regensburg

Historische Wurstkuchl

Completely submerged several times by the Danube's fickle floods, this titchy eatery has been serving the city's traditional finger-size sausages, grilled over beech wood and dished up with its own sauerkraut and sw…
European in Regensburg

Leerer Beutel

Subscriber to the slow-food ethos, the cavernous restaurant at the eponymous cultural centre offers an imaginatively mixed menu of Bavarian, Tyrolean and Italian dishes, served indoors or out on the car-free cobbles…
Cafe in Regensburg

Dampfnudel Uli

This quirkily old-fashioned little noshery serves a mean Dampfnudel (steamed doughnut) with custard in a Gothic chamber lined with photos beer Steins (tankards) at the base of the Baumburger Tower.