Church in Passau

Dom St Stephan

There's been a church on this spot since the late 5th century, but what you see today is much younger thanks to the fire of 1662, which ravaged much of the medieval town, including the cathedral. The rebuilding cont…
Landmark in Passau


The very nib of the Altstadt peninsula, the point where the rivers merge, is known as the Dreiflusseck. From the north the little Ilz sluices brackish water down from the peat-rich Bavarian Forest, meeting the cloud…
Fortress in Passau

Veste Oberhaus

A 13th-century defensive fortress, built by the prince-bishops, Veste Oberhaus towers over Passau with patriarchal pomp. Not surprisingly, views of the city and into Austria are superb from up here. Inside the basti…
Museum in Passau

Passauer Glasmuseum

Opened by Neil Armstrong, of all people, Passau's warren-like glass museum is filled with some 30,000 priceless pieces of glass and crystal from the baroque, classical, art-nouveau and art-deco periods. Much of what…
Gallery in Passau

Grosser Rathaussaal

Located in the Altes Rathaus, the Great Assembly Room has wonderful murals by local artist Ferdinand Wagner, showing scenes from Passau's history with a melodramatic flourish.
Notable Building in Passau

Altes Rathaus

An entrance in the side of the Altes Rathaus flanking Schrottgasse takes you to the Grosser Rathaussaal, where large-scale paintings by 19th-century local artist Ferdinand Wagner show scenes from Passau's history wi…
Museum in Passau

Museum Moderner Kunst

Gothic architecture contrasts with 20th- and 21st-century artworks at Passau's Modern Art Museum. The rump of the permanent exhibition is made up of cubist and expressionist works by Georg Philipp Wörlen, who died i…
Museum in Passau


Roman Passau can be viewed from the ground up at this Roman fort museum. Civilian and military artefacts unearthed here and elsewhere in Eastern Bavaria are on show and the ruins of Kastell Boiotro, which stood here…