Cathedral in Paderborn


Paderborn’s massive (104m long!) Dom, a three-nave Gothic hall church, is a good place to start your explorations. Enter through the southern portal (called ‘Paradise’), adorned with delicate carved figures, then tu…
Museum in Paderborn

Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum

You don’t have to be a techie to enjoy this museum, a high-tech romp through 5000 years of information technology, from cuneiform to cyberspace. Established by the local founder of Nixdorf computers (since swallowed…
Museum in Paderborn

Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum

The famous 1627 Liborius shrine is housed in an attractive modernist structure outside the Dom. It brims with church treasures, the most precious of which are kept in the basement, including the gilded shrine and pr…
Church in Paderborn


South of the Rathaus is the Marktkirche, aka Jesuitenkirche, a galleried basilica where pride of place goes to the dizzyingly detailed baroque high altar. A soaring symphony of wood and gold, it’s an exact replica o…
Church in Paderborn


The Abdinghofkirche is easily recognised by its twin Romanesque towers. Once a Benedictine monastery, it's been a Protestant church since 1867 and is rather austere with its whitewashed and unadorned walls and a fla…
Palace in Paderborn

Schloss Neuhaus

Schloss Neuhaus, a moated palace, is reached by a lovely riverside walk about 5km northwest of the Paderquellgebiet. It hosts frequent cultural events in summer.
Museum in Paderborn

Museum in Der Kaiserpfalz

The museum inside the Kaiserpfalz presents excavated items from the days of Charlemagne, including drinking vessels and fresco remnants.
Historic Site in Paderborn

Carolingian Kaiserpfalz

East along Am Abdinghof to the north of the Dom are the remnants of the Carolingian Kaiserpfalz, Charlemagne’s palace where that historic meeting with Pope Leo took place. It was destroyed by fire and replaced in th…
Square in Paderborn


Rathausplatz blends into Marienplatz with its delicate Mariensäule (St Mary’s Column) and Heising’sche Haus, an elaborate 17th-century patrician mansion that shares a wall with the tourist office. The Abdinghofkirch…
Historic Building in Paderborn


Paderborn’s proud Rathaus (1616) with ornate gables, oriels and other decorative touches, is typical of the Weser Renaissance architectural style.