Must-see attractions in Ostwestfalen

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    St Maria zur Wiese

    Close to the train station, this exquisite late-Gothic church is easily recognised by its neo-Gothic twin spires, which are undergoing restoration. One is…

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    Museum in der Kaiserpfalz

    In the 1960s, archaeologists stumbled upon remnants of the Carolingian palace where Charlemagne met with Pope Leo III, as well as the much better…

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    Enter Paderborn’s massive (104m long!) Gothic Dom through the southern portal (called ‘Paradise’) adorned with delicate carved figures. Inside, turn your…

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    Burg Altena

    This fairy-tale medieval castle started out as the home of the local counts, then served military purposes under the Prussians before becoming, in 1912,…

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    Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum

    Outside the Dom, an incongruously modernist structure by Gottfried Böhm stands atop vestiges of a medieval bishop's palace and shelters prized church…

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    Schloss Neuhaus

    Schloss Neuhaus, a moated palace with an expansive park, once served as the residence of the Paderborn prince-bishops. A new museum inside the palace…

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    St Maria zur Höhe

    St Maria zur Höhe is a squat 13th-century hall church that's less architecturally refined than others in town. Its sombreness is brightened by beautiful…

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    Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum

    You don’t have to be a techie to enjoy this museum, a high-tech romp through 5000 years of information technology from cuneiform to cyberspace…

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    St Patrokli

    Ponder the balance and beauty of the soaring and dignified tower of St Patrokli, a three-nave 10th-century Romanesque structure partly adorned with…

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    Paderborn's most important house of worship is also its smallest. The twee Bartholomäuskapelle was consecrated in 1017 and is considered the oldest hall…

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    Petrikirche has Romanesque origins in the 8th century and a choir from Gothic times, all topped by a baroque onion dome. It’s adorned with wall murals and…

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    The tiny Nikolaikapelle enjoys mystical simplicity enlivened by a masterful altar painting attributed to 15th-century master Conrad von Soest (who,…

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    One of the finest baroque buildings in Paderborn, the Marktkirche was founded by Jesuits and consecrated in 1692. Inside this galleried basilica, your…

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    The Abdinghofkirche is easily recognised by its twin towers. The foundation stone was laid in the 11th century as part of a Benedictine monastery in…

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    Rathausplatz blends into Marienplatz with its delicate Mariensäule (St Mary’s Column) and Heising’sche Haus, an elaborate 17th-century patrician mansion…

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    The church of St Maria zur Wiese's restoration workshop operates this museum, where you can learn about the origin of Soest’s ethereal green stone.

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    Carolingian Kaiserpfalz

    Remnants of the foundation of Charlemagne's palace, built in the late 8th century, have been unearthed north of the Dom.

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    Paderborn’s proud Rathaus (1616) with ornate gables, oriels and other decorative touches, is typical of the Weser Renaissance architectural style.