Top Choice Museum in Nuremberg

Deutsche Bahn Museum

Forget Dürer and war-time rallies, Nuremberg is a railway town at heart. Germany's first passenger trains ran between here and Fürth, a fact reflected in the unmissable German Railways Museum which explores the hist…
Museum in Nuremberg

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Spanning prehistory to the early 20th century, this museum is the German-speaking world's biggest and most important museum of Teutonic culture. It features works by German painters and sculptors, an archaeological …
Museum in Nuremberg


Dürer, Germany’s most famous Renaissance draughtsman, lived and worked at the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus from 1509 until his death in 1528. After a multimedia show, there’s an audioguide tour of the four-storey house, whic…
Museum in Nuremberg

Neues Museum

The aptly named New Museum showcases contemporary art and design, with resident collections of paintings, sculpture, photography, video art and installations focusing on artists from Eastern Europe, as well as trave…
Museum in Nuremberg

Stadtmuseum Fembohaus

Offering an entertaining overview of the city’s history, highlights of the Stadtmuseum Fembohaus include the restored historic rooms of this 16th-century merchant's house. Also here, Noricama takes you on a flashy H…
Museum in Nuremberg


Nuremberg has long been a centre of toy manufacturing, and the large Spielzeugmuseum presents toys in their infinite variety – from innocent hoops to blood-and-guts computer games, historical wooden and tin toys to …
Museum in Nuremberg

Playground of the Senses

Some 80 hands-on 'stations' designed to educate children in the laws of nature, physics and the human body. Take the U2 or U3 to Wöhrder Wiese.
Museum in Nuremberg

School Museum

Recreated classroom plus school-related exhibits from the 17th century to the Third Reich.
Museum in Nuremberg

Children & Young People’s Museum

Educational exhibitions and lots of hands-on fun – just a pity it's not open more often.