Bicycle Hire in Düsseldorf


In the southeast corner of the train station, Radstation rents a range of bikes. A natural first place to ride is the Rheinuferpromenade.
Bicycle Hire in Xanten

Fahrrad am Niederrhein

In the train station, there's a large selection of bikes for rent, including electric bikes.
Boat in Northern Rhineland

KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt

From April to October, KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt operates scheduled boat services along the Rhine between Cologne and Linz, passing by the scenic Siebengebirge.
Information in Northern Rhineland

Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg

Buses, trams and the U-Bahn make up the regional public transport system, which is operated by the VRS.
Bicycle Hire in Bonn


Bike rental, repairs and information in the DB-Autoparkhaus right by the Hauptbahnhof.
Bicycle Hire in Aachen


This full-service shop near the train station rents all manner of bikes.
Train Station in Aachen


Main train station.
Train Station in Düsseldorf


Main train station.
Airport in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf International Airport

Bus Station in Aachen

Aachen West Flixbus Stop