Top Choice Club in Düsseldorf

Salon des Amateurs

At one of Germany's most progressive dance clubs, the music skews heavily towards non-mainstream electronic and improvisational acts, which makes for a nice contrast to the '60s vintage look. The glass-fronted club …
Top Choice Beer Hall in Düsseldorf

Zum Uerige

Local colour by the bucketful (despite the high tourist contingent) is what awaits at this cavernous Altbier brewpub. The suds flow so quickly from giant copper vats that the waiters – called Köbes – simply carry hu…
Beer Garden in Bonn

Biergarten Alter Zoll

Here's a Bonn drinking game: every time a barge passes below this beer garden with gorgeous views of the Rhine, have a drink. You won't last an hour. It's in Bonn's Stadtgarten, a little leafy gem next to the Altsta…
Beer Hall in Düsseldorf

Brauerei Kürzer

In 2010 Düsseldorf's established breweries got competition from this new kid on the block. No-fuss Brauhaus Kürzer captures the design zeitgeist with exposed brick walls and look-at-me glass barrels. The Altbier is …
Club in Düsseldorf

Stone im Ratinger Hof

In the 1980s, Ratinger Hof was the hub of Düsseldorf's underground scene and a birthplace of German punk. A techno temple in the '90s, it's again the place for indie and alt rock. Depending on the night, tousled boh…
Bar in Düsseldorf


The kind of neighbourhood bar that makes you want to move to the neighbourhood. Saturday mornings are 'breakfasts with authors' – when local authors give talks – while on other days there is live jazz. You can expec…
Cocktail Bar in Düsseldorf

Melody Bar

After 10pm you may have to shoehorn your way into this jewel of a cocktail bar that’s a tiny island of sophistication amid the boisterous Altstadt thirst parlours. The drinks are excellent, and there's a respectable…
Bar in Bonn


Generations of bon vivants have followed the Pavlovian bell to this northern Altstadt institution. A cafe in the daytime with a fine terrace (good breakfast!), it morphs into a bar at night with electro, punk and '6…
Bar in Aachen

Cafe & Bar Zuhause

This living-room-style cafe brims with books and leafy plants. It's an inviting refuge for winding down on vintage sofas or for meeting locals over a cold beer and a soccer match on the big screen.
Pub in Bonn


This cult pub north of the Altstadt has a bewildering menu of 50 beers plus discounted daily specials along with foosball and occasional live music.