Northern Germany drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in St Pauli & Reeperbahn

Zur Ritze

The uniqueness of this Reeperbahn classic begins from the moment you pass through the long laneway and between the legs of the large 'receptionist' painted over the door. Inside, it's a serious drinking den, that ev…
Top Choice Bar in Hamburg


Hamburg's original beach bar is a must for primo beer, burgers and people-watching. All ages and classes gather, mingle and wriggle their toes in the sand, especially at sunset, right on the Elbe, as huge freighters…
Top Choice Bar in St Pauli & Reeperbahn

Golden Pudel Club

In a 19th-century bootleggers' jail, this tiny bar-club is run by members of the legendary ex-punk band Die Goldenen Zitronen and is an essential stop on the St Pauli party circuit. Night after night it gets packed…
Top Choice Pub in St Pauli & Reeperbahn

Zum Silbersack

A real St Pauli icon, Zum Silbersack is one of our favourites in the area. It's the sort of place where you'll find students, junkies, executives, greenies, millionaires and prostitutes. Anything seems possible and …
Top Choice Bar in Stralsund

Zur Fähre

They claim to be one of the oldest harbour bars in Europe, and the first historical record of a bar on this site dates back to 1332. The interior is dark wood and filled with all manner of memorabilia – it's beautif…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Altona & Elbmeile


Small and sleek, this 'kitty' (Katze = cat) gets the crowd purring for well-priced cocktails (the best caipirinhas in town) and great music (there's dancing on weekends). It's one of the most popular amongst the wat…
Top Choice Brewery in Schwerin

Zum Stadtkrug

The dark beer brewery at this 1936-established pub consistently rates among the best in Germany. It’s full of antique brewing equipment, and it opens to an inviting beer garden. The menu features a familiar – albeit…
Top Choice Pub in Lübeck

Im Alten Zolln

This classic pub inhabits a 16th-century customs post. There's an excellent beer selection. Patrons people-watch from terrace and sidewalk tables in summer and watch bands (rock and jazz) inside in winter. Fortify y…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Altstadt

Le Lion

Easily the classiest, most exclusive bar (by virtue of size) you'll find in Hamburg. If there's space and you're nicely dressed, they'll let you into this little lair of serious cocktails – their signature is the gi…
Top Choice Bar in Lüneburg

Sa Bacca

Fronting onto Marktplatz, Sa Bacca couldn't be a more central pit stop as you explore town. The vaulted brick cellar and extravagantly tiled bar are the perfect backdrop to enjoying the city's best cocktails.