Top things to do in Naumburg

Church in Naumburg

Naumberger Dom

The enormous Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul is a masterpiece of medieval architecture. While the crypt and the east choir feature elements of the Romanesque, the famous west choir is a prime example of early Gothic…
International in Naumburg


Naumberg's top eatery boasts charming decor in its two rooms, a cafe area and excellent meat dishes, pasta and other fare.
Museum in Naumburg

Nietzsche Haus

The exhibits here consist mostly of photos, documents and reams of biographical text about one of Germany’s greatest philosophers. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) spent most of his childhood in this modest home, acq…
Food & Drink in Naumburg

Naumberger Hussiten Kirschfest

In late June, the normally sedate town of Naumburg goes wild during the Kirschfest, a celebration with food, drink, music, a parade and fireworks.