Top Choice Beer Garden in Münster


Huge trees soar over the passel of tables at this oh-so-lovely beer garden right off the promenade and near the Aasee. Unsurprisingly it gets very crowded, especially as the food is just that much better than beer g…
Cafe in Münster

Pension Schmidt

Given the quality of the coffee at this hipster cafe, it's unlikely you'll wish it was a real pension, even if the sofas for lounging on are very comfortable. Events include poetry readings, live bands and jazz 'bre…
Cocktail Bar in Münster

Hafen Bar

For a glamour vibe without the velvet rope, beat a trail to this stylish glass cube in the Hafen's Kreativkai. Soft lighting gives even pasty-faced hipsters a healthy glow. Good playlists.
Cafe in Münster

Cafe Gasolin

This cleverly converted 1950s gas station has cakes, snacks and coffee. It's a good place for that final drink when everything else is closed. Prices are low, quality is not; huge patio.