Münster attractions

Top Choice Museum in Münster

LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur

After a harmonious fusion of the 1908 neo-Renaissance original with an airy postmodern wing, Münster's main museum for art and culture now has the proper digs to match its prized collection of works from the Middle …
Cathedral in Münster


The two massive towers of Münster’s cathedral match the proportions of this 110m-long structure and the vast square it overlooks. It’s a three-nave construction built in the 13th century, when Gothic architecture be…
Church in Münster

St Lambertikirche

One of Münster’s finest churches, the late-Gothic St Lambertikirche was built in 1450. It's filled with wonderful treasures but the most fascinating attraction is the three wrought-iron cages dangling from the openw…
Museum in Münster

Kunstmuseum Picasso

A treat for fans of Pablo Picasso, one of the 20th century's seminal artists, in this 18th-century neoclassical mansion whose changing exhibits are drawn from a prized collection of around 800 lithographic works. Th…
Historic Building in Münster

Historisches Rathaus & Friedenssaal

Dominating Prinzipalmarkt, Münster's city hall played a key role in ending the calamitous Thirty Years' War when an important sub-treaty of the Peace of Westphalia was signed here in 1648. You can visit the place of…
Historic Building in Münster


The Erbdrostenhof is a lavish mansion commissioned by a local baron and designed by Johann Conrad Schlaun (1695–1773), a master of the Westphalian baroque, a less exuberant expression of the style than in southern G…
Museum in Münster


This sometimes engaging chronicle of 1200 years of Münster milestones includes a room on the Anabaptist rebellion where you can see the once-red-hot tongs used to torture Jan van Leyden and his unlucky colleagues be…
Church in Münster


The Überwasserkirche (officially known as Liebfrauenkirche) is a 14th-century Gothic hall church with handsome stained-glass windows in the apse. The nickname translates as 'church across the water' and was inspired…
Palace in Münster


The 1773 Schloss is the former residence of prince-bishops and now the main university building. It was blueprinted by baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun and constructed from local sandstone.
Church in Münster


The 1753 St Clemens Church is a baroque beauty blueprinted by local starchitect of the day, Johann Conrad Schlaun. The interior is not accessible but you can sneak a peek through the gate in the foyer at the domed c…