Top Choice Asian in Magdeburg


Magdeburg’s culinary scene won’t blow you out of the Elbe, but this small, sleek pan-Asian eatery is excellent – it serves soups, sushi variations, fried seafoods, salads, noodles and superb stir-fries (all without …
Steak in Magdeburg

Bralo House

An extensive wine list accompanies a wide range of steaks, salads and burgers, cooked to your liking at this popular, central haunt. There's not a lot for either vegetarians or pescetarians.
International in Magdeburg

Die Saison

Classic German cuisine gets a modern international twist within the ornately detailed dark-green walls of this robust hotel's stylish art-deco dining room.
International in Magdeburg

Liebig Lounge

Diners range from tattooed hipsters to helmet-headed grannies in this trendy cafe-bar-restaurant with large outdoor terrace.