Gänge & Höfe

In the Middle Ages, Lübeck was home to numerous craftspeople and artisans. Their presence caused demand for housing to outgrow the available space, so tiny single-storey homes were built in courtyards behind existing rows of houses. These were then made accessible via little walkways from the street.

Almost 90 such Gänge (walkways) and Höfe (courtyards) still exist. The most famous include the Füchtingshof, with its beautiful carvings, and the 1612 Glandorps Gang, which you can usually peer into.

The Closing of Hüxstraase

On Saturdays from 11am to 6pm, Hüxstraase is closed to all vehicular traffic and the city comes out to enjoy the newly pedestrianised thoroughfare. It's a lovely time to be here.