Top Choice Museum in Xanten


The grand building west of the Archäologischer Park houses the RömerMuseum, which takes you on a journey through 400 years of Roman presence in the Lower Rhine region. Modern and interactive, the exhibit kicks off w…
Top Choice Church in Kalkar Region

St Nikolaikirche

Dating from the 13th century, St Nikolaikirche is famous for its nine masterful altars chiselled by members of the Kalkar woodcarving school. Top billing goes to the High Altar, which depicts the Passion of Christ i…
Church in Xanten

Dom St Viktor

The crown jewel of Xanten’s Altstadt is the Dom St Viktor, which has Romanesque roots but is now largely Gothic. It is framed by a walled close, called an ‘Immunity’, which can only be entered from the Markt. The…
Museum in Xanten

Archäologischer Park

The old Roman colony has been reborn as an archaeological park, an open-air museum that features faithfully reconstructed buildings to help amateurs visualise what the Roman town looked like. The originals were torn…
Museum in Xanten

Siegfried Museum Xanten

Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), which is legendary for its length (15 hours over four epic operas), has Siegfried the dragonslayer as its main character. An obsession for many, this muse…
Castle in Kalkar Region

Schloss Moyland

With its Rapunzel towers and Romeo-and-Juliet balcony, Schloss Moyland is an unexpected sight amid the dull expanses of the Lower Rhine flatlands. The 'medieval' fairy-tale looks are deceiving: they're a 19th-centur…
Museum in Xanten


This museum in the 1000-year-old abbey near the Dom contains treasures, including reliquaries, sculptures and graphics. The illuminated manuscripts always amaze with their detailed, hand-drawn beauty.