Top Choice Museum in Friedrichshafen

Zeppelin Museum

Near the eastern end of Friedrichshafen’s lakefront promenade is the Zeppelin Museum, housed in the Bauhaus-style former Hafenbahnhof, built in 1932. The centrepiece is a full-scale mock-up of a 33m section of the H…
Top Choice Cathedral in Konstanz


Crowned by a filigreed spire and looking proudly back on 1000 years of history, the sandstone Münster was the church of the diocese of Konstanz until 1821. Its interior is an architectural potpourri of Romanesque, G…
Ruins in Konstanz


The glass pyramid in front of the Münster shelters the Römersiedlung, the 3rd-century-AD remains of the Roman fort Constantia, which gave the city its name. You'll only get a sneak peek from above, so join one of th…
Museum in Konstanz


The one-time butchers’ guildhall now harbours the Rosgartenmuseum, spotlighting regional art and history, with an emphasis on medieval panel painting and sculpture.
Aquarium in Konstanz

Sea Life

Running a dragnet through your wallet, the borderline kitsch Sea Life immerses you in an underwater world. Highlights include a shipwreck where you can handle starfish and get stingray close-ups, a shark tunnel, pen…
Gardens in Lake Constance


Jutting out over the lake and bursting with flowers, the lusciously green islet of Mainau is a 45-hectare Mediterranean garden dreamed up by the Bernadotte family, relatives of the royal house of Sweden.Around two m…
Castle in Meersburg

Altes Schloss

Looking across Lake Constance from its lofty perch, the Altes Schloss is an archetypal medieval stronghold, complete with keep, drawbridge, knights’ hall and dungeons. Founded by Merovingian king Dagobert I in the 7…
Castle in Meersburg

Neues Schloss

In 1710 Prince-Bishop Johann Franz Schenk von Stauffenberg, perhaps tired of the dinginess and rising damp, swapped the Altes Schloss for the dusky-pink, lavishly baroque Neues Schloss. A visit to the now state-owne…
Archaeological Site in Meersburg


Awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 2011, the Pfahlbauten represent one of 11 prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps. Based on the findings of local excavations, the carefully reconstructed dwellings catapul…
Zoo in Lake Constance

Affenberg Salem

No zoo-like cages, no circus antics, just happy Barbary macaques free to roam in a near-to-natural habitat: that's the concept behind conservation-oriented Affenberg Salem. Trails interweave the 20-hectare woodlands…